The Basics of an ImageList 

The TImageList component is a powerful tool for graphics programmers.  It eliminates the need for managing an array to TImage, and requires only one true memory bitmap.  Here are some of the basic commands to control an ImageList. 




//Set the Width and Height of the ImageList 
ImageList1->Width = 75; 
ImageList1->Height = 150; 

//Add a bitmap to the ImageList 
Graphics::TBitmap *TempBitmap = new Graphics::TBitmap(); 
ImageList1->Add(TempBitmap, NULL); 
delete TempBitmap; 

//Add a bitmap to the ImageList and specify a transparent color 
Graphics::TBitmap *TempBitmap = new Graphics::TBitmap(); 
ImageList1->AddMasked(TempBitmap, clBlack); 
delete TempBitmap; 

//Draw an image from the ImageList to a Canvas at (5,10) 
int index = 0; //zero-based index of image in imagelist to draw 
ImageList1->Draw(Canvas, 5, 10, index); 

//Retrieve a bitmap from the ImageList 
int index = 0; //zero-based index of image in imagelist to retrieve 
ImageList1->GetBitmap(index, Image1->Picture->Bitmap); 

//Clear all images from the ImageList