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C++Builder is a powerful and fun way to handle Windows programming.  As with any tool, it requires some patience and practice to gain familiarity with.  Here you'll find some answers to questions that I've deemed "commonly asked."  I've also included some advanced techniques and answers to some tough questions.  This page is here for fellow developers to browse, read, cut-and-paste, and most importantly, learn from.  It's also a reference for me, since my memory is slowly fading... Enjoy!
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Inside the VCL
"Inside the VCL" is a new series of articles that's designed to help you use the VCL effectively.  These articles are primarily from a text that I started, but abandoned because C++Builder isn't too popular with the publishers.  Please excuse the textbook-like tone of these article, and I apologize in advance for any typos.  
"Window Creation Fundamentals"  [read article]
The TWinControl class serves as the "glue" between the Windows API and all windowed VCL controls.  For this reason, in order to understand the TWinControl class, we'll need to first examine the window creation process from an API point of view.  As we did in the first article ("From Messages to Events"), we'll make several fundamental connections between the Windows API and the VCL.  Here we'll focus specifically on the TWinControl class and more specifically on the window creation process.
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"From Messages to Events Part I"  [read article]
The purpose of this article is to introduce the basic constructs of a VCL application from an API point of view.  Mastery of the Windows API is surely not a prerequisite here.  As such, many of the presentations of this first article will be preceded by a high-level introduction of the underlying API methods. The intent here is introduce the inner workings of the TApplication and TWinControl classes from an API point of view; a look “under the hood” if you will. 
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"From Messages to Events Part II"  [read article]
In the previous article of this series we discussed the trail of member functions that a message traverses, and now we have examined how specific messages can be handled.  Let us now make the association between these messages and their corresponding VCL events. 
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The VCL Mini FAQ is provided to supplement the user-supported cppbuilder.vcl.components.using newsgroup. For convenience, it is divided into separate sections according to the following categories:
     Part 1:   Application, SDI, and MDI   [go!]
     Part 2:   Common Controls   [go!
     Part 3:   Standard Controls   [go!]
     Part 4:   VCL-specific Controls   [go!]
     Part 5:   Other Resources   [go!]

Download the entire VCL Mini FAQ [here].

Other Resources
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* Do you need an industrial-strength printing solution?  Try the TExcellent line of components by Joe Hecht.
* Do you have a question about a CAQ?  Use the BCBCAQ Message Board.
* Looking for documentation on a certain Win32 function?  Try MSDN Online.


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